Targets not recognized

I tried to do the automatic recognition of my target faces, but it did not work. The error message says error in target recognition: no targets found
What to do?

A couple of checks need to be done.

  • Is there a clear view from the cameras to the target face? No obstacles, no gras blades directly in front of the cameras, no arrows sticking in the target face …
  • Is it a supported target face? (see this post for details: Supported types of target faces)
  • Is the quality of the chessboard calibration ok? (see this post for more information RyngDyng moved)
  • Is the configured target size large enough to cover the target face? (in the app go to page calibration status and check the configured width and height of the target)

If these points are ok, then retrieve a test image and have a look at the test images. You should be able to see the colored yellow, red and blue rings completely (all rings if its a NFAA target). In the test images also check the quality of the light conditions: There are no bright light reflections on the paper, the colors appear saturated and have a color as they should have.

In case everything is ok but the light condition, try the following settings (switchable on page calibration status or on page test image):

  • backlight compensation Use this option if the light behind the target ís very bright and therefore the colors of the target appear dark or pale
  • sunlight / high brightness Use this option if the target face is exposed to sunlight. This option won’t change a lot, just a little help
  • HDR This is the right option if bright light reflections appear on the red or blue rings of target face. Switching on HDR will require some seconds of computation, and subsequent calibration steps will also take some seconds more if this option is activated.

If light is difficult and those options do not help, try to change the light situation. Indoor you could try to use other light sources, in outdoor eventually move the target to a different place.