What is the AGI?

When looking at the recorded arrows on page analysis in the app, there is this figure called AGI. This sounds interesting, but I do not yet fully understand what it means and how to use it.

The abreviation AGI stands for arrow grouping indicator and it is a mesaure describing the narrowness of the grouping of a group of arrows.

It has got the following properties:

  • it is a figure between 0 and 100
  • 100 means: all arrows are sticking to the same point on the target
  • 0 means: all arrows are scattered across the whole target (e.g., cover the whole 122 cm target face when shooting at 70 m)
  • The AGI expresses the grouping independent on the shooting distance. That means, a group of arrows covering the gold of a 20 cm WA spot target at 18m will have about the same AGI as a group of arrows covering the gold of a 122 cm target at 70 m
  • it does not tell you whether the group of arrows meets the center of the target face; it only depends on the relative position of the arrows with respect to each other
  • It can be calculated for all groups of arrows consisting of at least 3 arrows

Of course, all “arrows sticking to the same point” is a concept that requires overlaying several arrows that have been shot during different ends or on different spot targets.

As a reference you can assume that world class archers achieve an AGI value > 95, and an experienced club archer would do > 90.

The benefit of the AGI is that it allows you to track even small developments in your performance. When you change something such as a parameter setting of your bow, or, a small change in your shooting style, the AGI of the following group of arrows will tell you exactly what the difference in terms of grouping is. The measure is very sensitive and gives you a feedback that you would not be able to see by your eyes when looking at the arrows of an end before pulling them.