Using existing networks?

Is it possible to operate the RyngDyng devices within our existing network? Can we connect them to our WiFI, or via ethernet cable?

There are several options.

Using the RyngDyng router as a bridge

The easiest way is to use the special RyngDyng WiFi router and connect this router to your local network and use the router as a bridge. There are 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. connect the RyngDyng router via an ethernet cable on the port called Wan with your local router/switch
  2. configure the RyngDyng router to connect to your local WiFi network wirelessly.

There is a document describing how you can do that.

In this scenario the WiFi network called RyngDyng is still available and will get a connection to the internet via your existing local network. Using the concept of routes, you can configure your router to let computers within your local network also talk to the devices within the RyngDyng WiFi network.

Direct connections

The second alternative is to connect the RyngDyng devices directly to your local network, without using the RyngDyng router. This can be achieved using an ethernet cable directly plugged into the RD computer and your router/switch.

With this second option, the RyngDyng WiFi is not used and the standard RyngDyng app will no longer work and connect to the RD devices, because the network configuration is different. However, Archery Analytics provides a special version of the app that can manage this situation. It is available using this link. The difference to the standard RyngDyng app is that the special version requires an online internet connection via the local network, because this version of the app is just an internet page.

This version of the app allows to use the local IP address which your router has assigned to the connected RyngDyng:


Depending on the capabilities of your router, using the hostname (e.g. ryngdyng42) might work as well.