Update on the Club Range

We have no internet on the club’s premises, how can I make an update there.

Hi @Patrick,

fortunately almost all modern mobile phones have got a function to act as a wireless hotspot and share their internet connection with other devices connected to that wireless hotspot.

How to activate this function depends on the type of mobile you have got. Here are some links that explain how to do it:

Maybe you’ll figure out how to do it without those links. Go to the settings for networks and look for ‘mobile hotspot’ or ‘tethering’.

Once the WiFi hotspot is set up, do a test using another device that connects to the WiFi hotspot. Try to access an internet page. It that works, the hotspot is able to provide internet connectivity.

Make sure RyngDyng is powered off. In case not, shut it down using the app. It will be powered on again when the internet connectivity has been established.

The next step is to connect the RyngDyng router to this WiFi hotspot. First power on the router, if it’s not yet running. Then, using another device with a browser, connect to the RyngDyng WiFi as usual. (Note: the device providing the WiFi hotspot cannot be used, as this one should keep on providing the WiFi hotspot).

Open the browser and enter this url: The login page of the router will show up. Log in using the usual password for the RyngDyng WiFi. Then go to page Internet and scan for available WiFi networks. From the list of available networks select the hotspot you have created using the other mobile phone and connect. After connection, the RyngDyng router has got internet connection. In most cases you need to reconnect your device to the RyngDyng WiFi as the connection has been dropped for some seconds. To test the internet connection, just visit an arbitrary web page with the device connected to the RyngDyng WiFi.

If ok, power on RyngDyng. It will automatically connect to the RyngDyng WiFi, but now there is also an internet connection via the hotspot of the mobile phone. Using this connection, RyngDyng can do the software updates and also upload recorded arrows into your server account and so on.

You can find the details on how to configure the RyngDyng router to connect to the hotspot WiFi network also in this document. In case you want to use this set-up regularly, the RyngDyng router can remember the WiFi hotspot and the access credentials and automatically reconnect to the hotspot whenever it is found.