Several RyngDyngs in parallel possible?

We want to run a club tournament and use 4 RyngDyng systems in parallel. What is the best way to do this? Do we need 4 WiFi routers?

Great idea! This will significantly improve the overall experience for both the archers as well as the spectators.

First point: One Wifi Router is good enough. The number of RyngDyng systems that can connect to the same network is only limited by the IP address range. 100+ systems is never a problem.

The network requires that all connected systems will have different hostnames. Usually, a RyngDyng has gat a hostname such as ryngdyng123 where 123 is its serial number. But the hostname is not bound to the serial number, its just the initial setting how we ship them. You can change the hostname whenever you want using the app page System -> RyngDyng. This way, you could assign hostnames that represent the number of the target during the tournament, such as ryngdyng1, ..., ryngdyng4. Only requirement is to use different hostnames.

Second point: You can use the app in the tournament mode to control the devices (see document here). You will need to run one app instance per RyngDyng device. This is best done on a larger computer such as a laptop where you can see the apps running in separate windows and each being connected to its respective RyngDyng.

Another possibility is to use the tournament management software from I@nseo. This software will run on a laptop or PC and is able to connect to several devices at the same time. Just consult the documentation of I@nseo on that matter.