Power supply

There are several options for powering RyngDyng. Every device ships with a power supply and is therefore ready to operate:

  • RD600 comes with a standard USB-C charger (5V, 18 W)
  • RD720 has got a special power supply (19V DC, 4.7A)

If you want to operate the devices independent from the main supply, that is possible as well.

For the RD600 you will need a standard USB power pack that has got a type C connector. This standard is called USB-C PD, or, in the Apple world it’s called PowerIQ. Using a power pack with 20.000 mAh capacity, a RD600 will run a whole day.

For the RD720 you will need a special power pack that is also used for powering laptops. Important is to match the supply characteristics (19V DC, 4.7A min) and have the right plug.

Regarding the WiFi router, this one can be powered using any USB power pack, there is no special requirement to have a type-C connector. Type A or B is fine. You can use one USB-C power pack powering the RD600 as well as the WiFi router, if it has got 2 outputs.

Please note that there are restrictions regarding carrying power packs on air planes. International regulations allow for a maximum of 100 Wh, which corresponds to one 20.000 mAh USB pack. Furthermore, power packs may only be carried in the cabin luggage.

Here some links providing actual information:
Federal Aviation Administration
There may be additional national regulations as well.