Overlaying arrows of different targets?

In my spot training I always use two 3-spots next to each other and shoot 3 arrows on each per end. But then, when analyzing the results, I got targets A and B and cannot overlay the arrows on different targets and ends. Is there a possibility to combine those arrows on A and B somehow?

There is a quite simple way of achieving this. After the targets have been recognized by RyngDyng go to page calibration status. At the bottom you will find the list of recognized target faces. Press the button change letters. Then a window opens showing you the recognized target faces and the assigned letters:


Now give all targets you are using the same letter. For example you will have 2 targets with the letter A. Then, in the live view and during analysis all arrows shot on these two targets will be accessible using the letter A. Just as if they had been shot on a single target.