Cannot connect to RyngDyng

I have a friend with me on the shooting range today, he downloaded the app, but he cannot connect to the RyngDyng with the app.

We recommend to follow a standard procedure to check the connection issues. Just follow these steps in this order until connection is established.

  1. If possible, check wether another device can connect to RyngDyng. If yes, network and RyngDyng are up and running, and you can proceed with step 3.

  2. If other devices cannot connect either, or you do not have another device you can use for testing, check whether the router is switched on as well as RyngDyng (always switch on first the router and after the orange LED lights up, then power on RyngDyng).

  3. Check that your device is connected to the RyngDyng WiFi network.

  4. Start the RyngDyng app and go to page Connection

  5. If everything is ok you should see the RyngDyng devices that are connected to the network:

    Press button Connect with ryngdyng<xy>

  6. If no RyngDyng devices are displayed you can try to enter the number of your RyngDyng directly into the text field and press the button connect with RyngDyng

  7. In case you do not get a connection but other devices do, reboot your device and try again

  8. If other WiFi networks are present and those are known to your device, it may leave the RyngDyng network spontaneously and connect to the other one. There is no possibility to set priorities for WiFi networks. Therefore, to solve this problem the best solution is to make your device ‘forget’ the other network and make the RyngDyng WiFi network the only ‘known’ network.

Whenever installing and powering up the system, please always first switch on the router, make sure the RyngDyng WiFi is up and running, and then power on RyngDyng and connect your device.