Account needed?

I have just installed the RyngDyng app on my device, but it seems incomplete; some menues are missing… Do I need to activate it using an account?

After first installation on a device, the app is in a mode we call the ‘spectator mode’. There are only those functions available that allow to connect to a RyngDyng device and watch the arrows coming in. But it is not possible to actually control the RyngDyng device, such as starting and stopping operation.

To get full functionality, the app needs activation. We recommend that archers register for an account at the server. Then, all recorded arrows will be available inside your account for later and more advanced analysis as well.

After registration, in the app goto ‘my account’ and type in the same account credentials that have been used for the registration at the server. Then press save. After successful activation, all functions to control RyngDyng devices will be available inside the app menu.

Remark: you can have further users inside your app, such as guest archers that want to try RyngDyng. But only one of those users can be the ‘owner’ of the app and this one needs an activated account.